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Sea Freight

Sea freight

Sea freight

Discover the Sea freight Solutions by CLG AG: Unlock seamless logistics and explore our transportation services.

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment - CLG AG: Trust our expertise for efficient logistics and seamless freight forwarding solutions.

Import / Export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland - CLG AG: Ensure customs clearance with our expert services for seamless duty payment.

International shipping from Switzerland mastered

When it comes to international shipping from Switzerland, CLG AG stands for expertise and reliability in the logistics sector. With our comprehensive services, we ensure that your goods are transported across borders with precision and care. Thanks to Switzerland's strategic location in the heart of Europe, we enable seamless connections to global destinations, whether by air, sea or land. Our expertise in customs clearance and regulatory compliance minimizes delays and ensures that your shipments reach their destination efficiently. We serve customers from a wide range of industries such as medical, automotive and engineering and would be delighted to count you among our customers.

Customized solutions for everyone through international shipping from Switzerland

Understanding that each shipment is unique, CLG AG offers customized international shipping from Switzerland to the world. Our services cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, machinery, automotive, and more, ensuring that your cargo is delivered safely and on time. Our network of trusted global partners and advanced tracking technology provide transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process. With CLG AG, you're not just choosing a shipping service, you're selecting a partner dedicated to optimizing your logistics operations and supporting your business's growth on the international stage. We offer you numerous ways in which we can ship your goods around the globe. For example, by lorry, air freight or sea freight. We are available for our customers around the clock and can fulfil your request reliably and quickly.

Navigate international shipping from Switzerland with CLG AG

CLG AG stands out in international shipping from Switzerland, offering precision, innovation, and tailored services. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability sets us apart in the logistics field. With a vast network and advanced technology, we navigate global trade complexities, providing customized solutions for diverse client needs. CLG AG ensures efficient and reliable shipping, making us the ideal partner for your global logistics requirements. Choose CLG AG for seamless international transport solutions.

Efficient international shipping from Switzerland & customs clearance

CLG AG specializes in streamlining international shipping from Switzerland with expert customs clearance services. Our adept handling of import-export formalities ensures your cargo navigates global regulations effortlessly. By integrating sophisticated logistics solutions with comprehensive customs brokerage, CLG AG enables a seamless transition across borders. Elevate your international trade with our precision and expertise in customs facilitation. Trust CLG AG for hassle-free global shipping.

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