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Sea Freight

Sea freight

Sea freight

Discover the Sea freight Solutions by CLG AG: Unlock seamless logistics and explore our transportation services.

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment - CLG AG: Trust our expertise for efficient logistics and seamless freight forwarding solutions.

Import / Export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland - CLG AG: Ensure customs clearance with our expert services for seamless duty payment.

Increased customer satisfaction with freight forwarding companies

Freight forwarding companies such as CLG can be a critical factor for the success of your company. They allow you to ship your cargo to any place in the world quickly and reliably, improving your business operations and enabling you to satisfy more customers in less time.

Freight forwarding companies meet your requirements

Cargo shipments vary considerable in their composition, type, and other parameters. Freight forwarding companies like CLG help you identify the best carrier for your goods, taking into consideration characteristics such as their speed and flexibility, their cost and reliability, their reputation as a company, and much more. By relying on established logistics enterprises, you ensure that your cargo arrives on time and in its best possible condition, preventing damage during transport which can be costly to resolve. As your partner, we will do our best to meet your requirements for successful cargo shipping.

Track your goods with reliable freight forwarding companies

More than ever before, customers expect delivery of their cargo at a specific time. Delays are tolerated maybe once—but not twice. Our web-based track and trace system allows you to monitor the movements of your cargo globally. This system is open for our customers to interact with, which enables you to trace your goods personally. Verify that your cargo arrives on time and inform your customers of any potential delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Increase your customer’s satisfaction by taking proactive steps and profit from the enhanced security this system offers. In the unlikely event of lost cargo, you can trace its steps perfectly, preventing such an occurrence in the future.

Freight forwarding companies for customs clearance

A lack of documentation or knowledge about transportation regulations in target destinations can severely impact the delivery of your cargo. Freight forwarding companies like CLG support you by routing your cargo through customs as quickly as possible. Our partners prepare the necessary documentation ahead of schedule so your cargo can be prepared fur further delivery as quickly as possible. Lose as little time as possible and ship your goods to their destination almost instantly. We will optimize your cargo shipment needs and enable your company to deliver its goods more quickly than ever before on a global level.

Focus on your business with freight forwarding companies

Reliable, trusted freight forwarding companies can greatly benefit your company by outsourcing the difficult task of cargo delivery to professionals. We will work with you closely, ensuring your requirements and targets for cargo transportation are met. This has a streamlining effect on your supply chain—and it’s all done by CLG while you can shift your attention to your core business activities. From picking the right carrier to handling packaging and warehousing to express delivery of your cargo: we handle the shipping work while you handle your company. Should you require additional services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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