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Sea Freight

Sea freight

Sea freight

Discover the Sea freight Solutions by CLG AG: Unlock seamless logistics and explore our transportation services.

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment

Storage / transshipment - CLG AG: Trust our expertise for efficient logistics and seamless freight forwarding solutions.

Import / Export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland

Import / export Switzerland - CLG AG: Ensure customs clearance with our expert services for seamless duty payment.

CLG is your freight forwarder in Switzerland

A reliable freight forwarder is crucial to the success of your company. We arrange shipments on your behalf, coordinate movements of your cargo from one place to another and connect shippers and carriers worldwide—easily and reliably.

Our tasks as your freight forwarder

The tasks of a freight forwarder are vital to every shipping operation. We offer you a wide range of logistics services, such as negotiating rates between carriers, to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination at the lowest cost possible. We book cargo space for your goods and arrange customs clearance, so that you don’t have to. Finally, we manage your cargo once it has arrived at its desired location. The delivery of your goods to their final destination guarantees customer satisfaction which will drive your business forward. We consider every little detail of your operation and make sure you receive the service you need anywhere in the world.

More than just a freight forwarder

Not only do we make sure your cargo arrives on time, but we also offer additional services which exceed what other freight forwarders might do for your company. For example, we offer warehousing to store your goods for as long as you wish while you make final arrangements for further shipping. We insure your cargo if needed in the most cost-efficient manner to protect your company against shortfalls in payment or hazards which might affect your goods. Our employees are highly knowledgeable about international trade regulations and documentation requirements, which speeds up customs clearance dramatically and ensures your cargo arrives on time. This will enable you to ship your cargo faster than ever before to any destination.

The freight forwarder for your business

Working together with CLG as a freight forwarder can drastically impact the profitability of your company. Our expertise allows us to work with you closely, enabling both of us to streamline your supply chain effectively. As a company, you can sit back and relax while we optimize your cargo shipping for you. This way, you can focus on your core business activities and expand your operations, while we manage your cargo. In air freight, for example, we will pick the most suitable airline for your specific type of cargo, allowing us to optimize your operational costs without any additional risk to your company.

Higher security by trusting a freight forwarder

Our services allow you to engage in cargo transportation on a global level, enabling you to transport any goods to any destination. While doing so, we consider your personal requirements and prepare the necessary documentation before we arrive at the cargo’s destination. While selecting shipping partners, we take as many properties into account as necessary—such as their flexibility and price, their speed, their reliability, and other characteristics which might influence your satisfaction. By choosing us, you will also be able to track your goods anywhere, anytime, using our track and trace system.

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If you have any questions, we are at your disposal by telephone. Please discuss your request with one of our competent employees. We are happy to be there for you personally.