Shipments - Europe

Shipments - Europe

CLG offers you an outstanding network of partners for sending partial or full loads throughout Europe. We collaborate with various professional transport companies and choose exactly the right partner to meet your specific requirements for each job. 

We offer the following services for shipping full and partial truckloads throughout Europe:

  • Selection of the most suitable transport company based on the type of goods and your specific requirements
  • Handling of all customs formalities while taking the legal provisions into account
  • Coordination, monitoring and controlling of the entire transport process

A versatile and competent freight forwarder

Do you need a freight forwarder that can deal with any eventuality? Do you need a carrier that ships good to destinations throughout Europe and can deal with special shipments or heavy cargo? Based in Zurich Airport, CLG is a leading freight forwarder with a wealth of experience in international shipping and air freight. Perhaps you're looking for a way to transport heavy goods on a regular basis and want every step of the process handled with competence and efficiency. Or, maybe you are looking for a way to send an order to a difficult destination such as Eastern Europe. With over 10,000 clients to date, CLG is the trusted freight forwarder for both large and small businesses in every sector.

Freight forwarder: tailored to your needs

CLG provides you with uncomplicated solutions that perfectly fit your requirements. The company draws on its extensive experience and expertise and collaborates with selected international partners to offer you a personalised and highly efficient service. For example, Eastern Europe has long been considered a challenging destination. CLG enjoys an excellent relationship with a freight forwarder partner in Vienna, and will ship full or partial truckloads efficiently and securely on your behalf. In fact, CLG is committed to becoming the freight forwarder of choice for shipments to Southern and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in collaboration with its partner company in Vienna.

CLG finds new solutions every day – your freight forwarder

CLG continues to pursue its aims and acts as a freight forwarder for companies from all areas of commerce and manufacturing who demand easy shipping solutions to Eastern and Southern Europe. The company is able to transport your goods from Switzerland via Vienna to several countries including Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania. CLG also covers a vast range of global destinations, and you can rely on its professional team to find the best air freight or international shipping route for your order. Why not take a look at our services today to discover more of the benefits you'll enjoy with a freight forwarder that is committed to the safe and expedient delivery of your goods.

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