International shipping

International shipping

Do you need a shipping company that can organize the shipment of your goods worldwide without problems? Then you've come to the right place. CLG offers all shipping services required by the market. Worldwide.

Transport and logistics requirements in the commercial and industrial sectors are becoming increasingly complex. To meet the demands of the market, CLG opted for a global approach from the outset. As a result, we are now able to offer our customers a full range of services – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.

No shipping company can operate globally with its own resources alone. That is why CLG usually acts as an intermediary, performing international shipments through its well-developed network of partners and agents. This allows us to offer our customers a top shipping service to and from any location in the world.

Find your reliable International Air Freight partner

If your company depends on the safe and efficient transport of goods by international air freight, a partner you can count on is essential. Established in 2003, CLG is based in Zurich Airport, the busiest and most important transport hub in Switzerland. The company leads the way in international air freight import and export, and works with clients in every sector. With typical Swiss precision, CLG operatives both in Switzerland and abroad oversee every step of the international air freight process. Choose cost effective international air freight services from CLG and make your transportation dilemmas a thing of the past.

International air freight solutions that are designed to meet your needs

CLG will coordinate and work with overseas suppliers to collect your ordered goods, and can have your shipments collected via carefully selected agents. Whether you are sending or receiving goods by international air freight, transport to the airport can be arranged along with temporary storage if necessary. CLG has its own cold storage facility at Zurich Airport, so even perishable stock can be stored prior to or following flights. You can count on your international air freight being transported as quickly as possible - CLG is not tied to one airline and is able to access a large number of carriers at any given time.

International air freight: overseeing every step from a to b

CLG has extensive international air freight experience and enjoys special customs status (ZEZV) as both a recipient and a sender of goods by air. Plus, its proximity to customs at Zurich Airport ensures that your goods are processed quickly and efficiently with all required paperwork completed in an accurate and timely manner. All local legal customs provisions and guidelines are also taken into account, and you can make use of a convenient online tracking system to monitor the progress of your international air freight consignments. For more detailed information on international air freight solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business, why not take a look at the offers today?

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