Export air freight

Export air freight

In the area of export air freight, discerning customers rely on CLG's one-stop service. We offer you a comprehensive range of services, with each one tailored to your exact requirements.


  • Collection of shipments through selected transport companies
  • Express collection of shipments – from any location
  • Delivery of shipments to our premises at Zurich Airport

Customs handling – outgoing

  • Customs clearance taking your individual requirements into account
  • Picking/packing and temporary storage – matched to the type of goods and your requirements

Air Freight

  • Selection of the most suitable airline on the basis of specific requirements (reliability, speed, flexibility, freight characteristics, price, etc.)
  • Monitoring of air freight shipments with the web-based Track and Trace system – with direct customer access, on request

Customs handling and formalities – incoming

  • Customs clearance through selected agents – taking your individual requirements into account
  • Picking/packing and temporary storage – matched to the type of goods and your requirements
  • Monitoring and controlling

Transportation or collection

  • Delivery through selected agents
  • Express delivery to any location – directly after landing
  • Collection of shipments at the receiving airport

The air freight solutions that you need

In today's fast paced world, quick, efficient one-stop air freight services are vital to many companies. Based in Switzerland's busy Zurich airport, CLG is uniquely placed to offer a wide range of air freight solutions that can be tailored to your daily business requirements. CLG differs from other companies in that it is not tied to a single fleet of its own, but able to choose from various airlines and carriers to offer clients a fast, flexible air freight service. Adept at finding the most suitable air freight partners, CLG currently serves over 10,000 clients from all parts of the globe.

Specialised air freight services for today's market

CLG was established in 2003, and deals with both national and international air freight collections and deliveries. A range of options allows you to select the specific service you require, including transport to and from the airport and temporary storage if necessary. CLG can also co-ordinate with your overseas suppliers or liaise with designated agents to pick up your air freight shipment - when and where you want. Furthermore, the company selects the flight or airline that will best meet your needs in terms of time, order size or type and delivery, and oversees the transit of your air freight through customs.

Monitoring every step of your air freight order

From the moment it leaves you or your supplier, your air freight will be carefully handled and monitored, and an exclusive track and trace service is available. Perhaps you're in a rush for an important part. Choose the company's express service and have your air freight dispatched on the next available flight. Or, maybe you need to get parts to a customer who can't afford to wait. Entrust your goods to a fully verified and highly professional on-board courier and enjoy peace of mind, security and fast delivery. Find out more about how CLG can address your personal air freight needs and make air freight dilemmas a thing of the past.

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