Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

CLG is a small but outstanding Swiss transport company that has made a big name for itself in the world of international shipping. Not least because we work with the best transport partners worldwide. We move everything that keeps your business going, be it a box of bananas or a 40-foot container for commercial sea freight. 

  • Annual turnover: CHF 5 to 10 million
  • Shipments: 15,000 to 20,000 per year
  • Employees 7
  • Storage facilities at Zurich Airport: 120 m2
  • Cold store at Zurich Airport: 30 m2
  • VAT no.: CHEE110175707

Make choosing freight forwarding companies easy

CLG was founded in Switzerland in 2003, and is now one of Europe's leading freight forwarders. Not only will you enjoy a complete and full import or export service, CLG is also adept at solving those difficult problems that many freight forwarding companies simply don't consider. The transport of heavy cargo or unusual items for example are among the tasks CLG deal with on a daily basis. The company's extensive expertise and experience have also contributed to its status as one of the leading names in the transport of goods to traditionally challenging destinations such as Southern and Eastern Europe.

What do you want from freight forwarding companies

CLG offers solutions for large and small businesses who want an effective and budget friendly service. For many companies, time is money so you want your orders shipped as quickly and easily as possible. You don't want to spend time organising transport at either end of the journey, and CLG is one of the few freight forwarding companies that can arrange for your order to be transported in the manner that best suits your goods. We'll also store your goods prior or following shipping, and the company even has its own cold store facilities at Zurich Airport. We also work with selected international agents, and can pick up goods from your suppliers abroad.

Freight forwarding companies: What sets CLG apart?

Unlike most freight forwarding companies, CLG doesn't have its own fleet of planes and is free to choose from a number of airlines - meaning that your goods will leave on the very next available flight. CLG can also ship to any part of the world thanks to its extensive network of partners and intermediaries, and you can monitor the progress of your order using a unique tracking system. Specialised services are what really set CLG apart. Maybe you want freight forwarding companies who can transport heavy cargo, or perhaps you want an on-board courier to accompany an important part. Find out more about the company's personalised approach and explore all the options.

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